Become An Engineer for the Week!

We give teens the tools, resources and connections to jump into building their own tech products. Inspired by the approaches that real engineers undertake in their day-to-day work, our week-long project “sprints” let teens work in small groups to engineer it together.


EFTW aims to open up the world of tech by introducing teens to the same engineering techniques employed by Facebook engineers.

Program Process

Our engineering-style approach walks teens through the process of building tools at a tech company, from design through the iteration of a final product. Each project "sprint" is driven by methodologies that drive our culture at Facebook, including an agile development framework called "Scrum."

Achievement Unlocked

For the first time, teens will get to experience what it's actually like to build products as a Facebook engineer. By collaborating on and building social impact projects, participants will form a learning foundation that they can carry forward in their education.

Our Audience

EFTW strives to educate and inspire teens of all backgrounds on the real-world uses of computer science skills. We aim to empower the next generation of engineering minds by working with facilitators in after-school programs, clubs and other informal learning spaces.

Our Learning Foundation

EFTW's projects simulate how engineers work. Our sprints are meant to serve as an approachable gateway to developing CS skills through short, high-impact projects that students can design and build themselves.

Projects with Purpose

Connect With Engineers

Engineering Experience

Learning Sprints

Past Programs

EFTW draws from the success of Facebook’s other EdTech programs — including TechStart, TechSummer and Virtual Reality Camp.


TechStart offers high schools cutting-edge technology and expertise from Facebook to inspire and support the next generation of tech leaders.
 At TechStart, it all starts with you!

Virtual Reality Camp

Our 2016 Virtual Reality Camp brought 10 San Francisco area schools together for a seven-week coding, computer graphics and video editing conference at Facebook HQ.


TechSummer is Facebook’s storytelling bootcamp, which helps students tell their own stories using web VR, 360 video and professional storytelling techniques.

Education Modernization Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board brings together educators, parents and students towards the aim of improving access to computer science education in high school classrooms.

Our Partners

The Education Modernization (EdMod) Advisory Board and EFTW partners add expertise to program development and technology training.




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