What is Engineer for the Week?

Started in 2018, Engineer for the Week is a national, afterschool STEM program that introduces historically underrepresented learners (ages 11-18) to engineering. Over the course of 15 hours, learners work alongside adult facilitators to build tech prototypes that address a social issue of their choice.

Our Vision

We believe in a world where all learners have equitable access and opportunity to build their futures.

Our Mission

We support historically underrepresented learners to explore engineering, develop computer science skills and gain awareness of different career paths.


Gain Engineering Experience


EFTW is an introduction to the world of engineering. Learners will build a working tech prototype and explore key engineering concepts that they can carry forward in their lives.

Engage in Engineering Sprints


During EFTW, learners will use a common engineering process called ‘sprints.’ Sprints break their work into smaller phases, which allows them to make gradual improvements from concept to completion.

Connect with Facebook Engineers


Engineers at Facebook come from many different backgrounds. EFTW is a unique opportunity for learners to engage with them through calls and ask them questions about their journeys.

Create Projects with Purpose


In collaboration with a team, learners work on developing engineering solutions to issues that truly matter to them. Issues can range from online bullying to mental health reform.


We are honored to work alongside our partners to impact learners across the world. We’re looking to continuously reach new communities and grow our partnerships.


We will work alongside you to build a partnership that is scalable and impactful. We're excited to partner with you and empower more students. Visit the Contact Us form below to show your interest!