Spring 2020 Impact Award Winners

Great things happen when passion and purpose come together! EFTW is dedicated to highlighting and rewarding projects that help tackle social issues.

Your Mental Health Helper

This chatbot was designed to help people who are suffering from a mental health issue or who know someone who is and provide resources.

Ouchi COVID Helpers

This chatbot was designed to bring awareness about COVID-19 and how to stay safe and healthy.

The Outbreak

This game was designed to provide a real-life simulation of living through a pandemic and bring awareness to the seriousness of contracting the virus.



EFTW Engineer
"We got to really connect with this one language that we know, which is coding. The whole experience of being able to do what I love, meet new people and learn new things made this program very educational and important to me."

Astrid V.

EFTW Facilitator
"It exposes them to what the future holds for them. Having the mentors here at Facebook who look like them mentor them is so important. And that excites me because it's not something that we necessarily see all the time. I love really seeing their eyes light up and seeing them persevere through the challenges."


EFTW Engineer
"We had never used Scratch before, which was the platform we had to make the game... Seeing the growth in me and my team members, and being able to witness such a change in the short period of time was really, really astronomical for me."

Bert G.

EFTW Facilitator
"I thought the program was really well laid out. There were Facebook engineers who were willing to video chat with our students. The way the program was structured made it really fun, really exciting and really easy to pick up."


EFTW Engineer
"I was closed minded when it came to Computer Science because I always thought, well I never see anyone that looks like me in that field, so why would it interest me? Then I started working on my chat bot. Wow, maybe this is a field that I can work in. Or see myself in. And that maybe I can make a place for other women to be here also."

Johanna F.

EFTW Facilitator
"My students are really service oriented. They like helping other people. They like helping their community. That has transferred into the chatbot and the game that they've been working on because both are really focused on helping, in this case, their peers."


EFTW Engineer
"I have learned that I definitely want to have a career in computer programming and IT. I enjoy making games like I was on Scratch today, and I would like to have a career like that in the future."

Gwyn W.

EFTW Facilitator
"The most memorable moment for me was when one of our students said 'I never thought that I would be able to do something like this.' Just to think that something we've done has helped him see his potential is huge."


EFTW Engineer
"The chat bot we made is called StereoBot, and it teaches you about stereotypes and how to stand against them. Stereotypes is a really big issue in the society today that we all live in."

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