Build A Chatbot

In this project, learners will build their own chatbot that use programming rules and artificial intelligence to have a conversation with users. With an engineering team, they will build their chatbot using Chatfuel, a platform that connects to a Facebook page, to provide information on a social issue of their choice.

To run Chatbots for Change, you will need...

  • A Facebook account
  • A Facebook page
  • Access to Chatfuel, platform to build the Chatbot
  • A Google Drive account, to access project materials


Project Training

Watch the video below for an overview of the project, walkthrough of the instructional guides, and a quick tutorial on how to build a chatbot on Chatfuel. This is what you need to get started with implementation!

Student Project Feature

Major In a Bot-tle
Academy Park High School

This chatbot provides students with the information they need to decide on their major for college. You’ll answer a series of question that will help you make a choice.

Project Overview


3 Hours

Learners discover the world of engineering and form an Engineering Team. They'll explore how chatbots work and how Chatbots for Change can create a positive change in the world by having meaningful conversations with users. Engineering Teams will choose a topic that matters to them in preparation for building their Chatbot for Change.


10 Hours

Learners will work in teams to design, develop and test their chatbot using a Facebook Page, Facebook Messenger and Chatfuel. They will follow their list of engineering tasks (backlog) to build their chatbot using Chatfuel flows, blocks, cards, AI rules and more! At the end of this phase, learners will test their chatbot on Facebook Messenger and get valuable feedback from their peers. 


1 Hour

Learners will reflect on their engineering sprint experience: the product they created and the engineering process that led them there. Together, you'll submit your Chatbot for Change to Facebook for a chance to win the Impact Award! 

Activities You Will Find


Develop a Chatbot for Change

Learners will follow a list of engineering tasks (backlog) to develop their chatbot's conversation using flows, blocks, cards and AI rules! Each chatbot will explain its purpose and help users find the information they're looking for. 

Regroup & Discuss

User Experience

Learners get together to discuss the chatbot design principles that create a positive messaging experience for its users. They'll reflect on how chatbots provide a different experience compared to searching for the same information online or reading a webpage. 

Guided Exploration

Interact with Chatbots for Change 

Learners explore how Chatbots for Change can make a difference in people's lives by having a conversation with a chatbot called 'Direct Relief bot.' This chatbot helps provide medical relief to people affected by poverty or emergencies.