Build A Chatbot

Chatbots are online personas that interact with people via the Messenger app — think of them like a virtual assistant! In this project, your learners will identify ways to add social value in their community by using artificial intelligence as they customize the chatbot's responses and personality.

Your learners will develop your idea into using an engineering process called “sprints” — a method used by engineers to make innovative ideas come to life!

12 Learning Sections

Develop a Product in 15 Hours

No Experience Necessary

What are Chatbots for Change?

  • Direct Relief Bot: Direct Relief is an international nonprofit that helps vulnerable communities around the world get supplies and medical aid. They built a customer service chatbot to help get volunteers and donations more quickly!
  • Cars for Kids: Cars for Kids is a non-profit organization that accepts car donations and gives the proceeds to schools in Texas. They built a chatbot to interact with car-owners who might be interested in donating their vehicles to support Cars for Kids' mission.

Project Overview


In the Prep Phase, your learners will discover the engineering process, learn about how chatbots work, choose a topic for their Chatbot for Change and set up their development "dev" environment.


In the Sprint Phase, your learners will design, develop and test their Chatbot for Change using principles they learned in the Prep Phase.


In the Finish Phase, your learners will reflect on their sprint experience and share their projects with you. You will then submit them to the Facebook Team for a chance to receive the EFTW Impact Award.