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Build A Chatbot

Chatbots are online personas that interact with people via the Messenger app — think of them like a virtual assistant. In this project, you will help address a need in your school community by using AI as you customize the Chatbot's responses and personality. You'll develop your idea into a working project using “Scrum” — a method used by real engineers to make innovative ideas come to life!

Complete a Working Prototype

4-6 Hours for Product Development

No Experience Necessary

How Can Chatbots Make A Positive Impact?

Consider these examples:

  • Kwit:  encourages smokers to quit by reminding them how long it's been since their last cigarette
  • EasyPeasy Cooking walks users through the steps of preparing several healthy dinner recipes
  • Vote Silly helps any user look-up their nearest voting place for an election
  • Kite guides users through a daily mindfulness meditation

Facilitator Project Guide

Each sprint will include a Project Guide so that facilitators can apply our best practices towards teaching the project.

Facilitator Sprint Manual

Follow our step-by-step instructions to make your week-long sprint a success!

Learning Objectives

Wondering how this Chatbot project sprint factors into computer science and engineering education? Explore the learning outcomes of each project based on the "Scrum" methodology.

Participant Resource Overview

Chapter 1

Move Facebook Fast: Learn the basics of an engineering sprint that form the foundation of our culture at Facebook.

Chapter 2

Plan the Chatbot Sprint: Learn about what to expect for the week and important dates to keep in mind for Engineer Webinars.

Chapter 3

Brainstorm Chatbot Ideas: Explore ideas for your project. What is the topic that your team is most excited to work on?

Chapter 4

Setup Your Development Environment: Prepare all the assets that will help your Chatbot come to life: instructions, commands, pictures, videos and links.

Chapter 5

Setup Your Artificial Intelligence (AI): Plan the logic rules for your Chatbot to help it answer questions. The more scenarios that you prep for your Chatbot, the smarter it'll be!

Chapter 6

Customize Welcome and Default Blocks: Create the content for your Chatbot to start and maintain meaningful conversations.

Chapter 7

Learn About a Three-Step Chatbot: Learn more about one of the most popular models of Chatbots and how it can apply to your project.

Ready to Go?