Build A Game

In this project, learners will explore the world of engineering, discover game design principles and learn block-based programming with Scratch. They'll form an engineering team and develop a Game with Purpose to address a topic that matters to them and create a positive change in the world.

To run Play for Impact, you will need…

  • A Scratch account, platform to build the game
  • A Google Drive account, to access project materials

Project Training

Watch the video below for an overview of the project, walkthrough of the instructional guides, and a quick tutorial on how to build a game on Scratch. This is what you need to get started with implementation!


Academy of Allied Health and Science

This game explores the illegal poaching of animals. In this game, you play as an unknown animal who forages for food and obtains water in their small habitat while avoiding hunters.

Project Overview

Prep Phase

4 Hours

Learners discover the world of engineering and game design through Scratch: a block-based programming language. They'll form an Engineering Team and explore how games can address issues that have an impact on people's lives. Engineering Teams will complete a few online tutorials to build confidence with Scratch and choose a topic that matters to them in preparation for building their Game with Purpose.

Sprint Phase

10+ Hours

Learners will work in teams to design, develop and test their Game with Purpose on the Scratch website.They will follow their list of engineering tasks (backlog) to build their game using different code blocks and characters. At the end of this phase, learners will test their game with other peers to find ways to improve their game. 

Finish Phase

1 Hour

Learners will reflect on their engineering sprint experience: the product they created and the engineering process that led them there. Together, you'll submit your Game with Purpose to Meta for a chance to win the Impact Award!  

Activities You Will Find

Engineering Activity

Found Object Game

In preparation for building a digital game, learners will apply 5 game design principles to create a simple game using objects they find in their physical space. After completing the game, they will test the gameplay with their peers to get feedback on how challenging, engaging and fun the game is. 

Regroup & Discuss

What Does an Engineer Do? 

Engineers love to build products and solve problems. In this activity, learners watch a video interview with a Meta engineer, Barbara Mbanefo, to learn about how she first got started with engineering. Learners will together and think about how engineers build products and the characteristics that define an engineer. 

Guided Exploration

Games with Purpose Gameplay

In this activity, learners will play three Games with Purpose to explore how game designers can engage players on important topics. They'll brainstorm ideas on what makes these Games with Purpose work well and how they might design a game on a topic that they care about.