Build A Game

The Play for Impact project introduces you to the building blocks of game design and the world of games with purpose. You'll work in teams to identify a personally relevant topic to create a game with a social utility.

You'll then research, design, and code a game prototype in Scratch using an engineering process called “sprints” — a method used by engineers to make innovative ideas come to life!

12 Learning Sections

Develop a Product in 15 Hours

No Experience Necessary

What are Games with Purpose?

  • Refugee: Refugee raises awareness on the refugee crisis. The game is based on the story of three characters. All three kids go through dangerous journeys in search of refuge.
  • Pandemic: Pandemic raises awareness on the risks of COVID-19. Players advance through the different levels to realize how difficult this pandemic can become when it is not properly addressed.

Project Overview

Prep Phase

In the Prep Phase, learners will discover the engineering process,  reflect on game design principles, learn how to program with Scratch and choose a topic that matters to them.

Sprint Phase

In the Sprint Phase, your learners will design, develop and test their Game with Purpose using principles they learned in the Prep Phase.

Finish Phase

In the Finish Phase, your learners will reflect on their sprint experience and share their projects with you. You will then submit them to the Facebook Team for a chance to receive the EFTW Impact Award.