Build A Prototype

In this project, your learners will design, develop, and test a Product with Purpose prototype using everyday materials, such as cardboard, paper and tape. Your learners will work collaboratively to understand the importance of prototyping, practice building prototypes, and ideate a Product with Purpose to address an issue they care about.

To run Products with Purpose, you will need…

  • Everyday materials, such as cardboard, paper, and tape
  • A Google Drive account, to access project materials


Barn Module
Boys and Girls Club of North Central Georgia

This prototype is a barn that uses its wheel to generate energy for cleaning and the animals.

Sample Activity


(2 mins) Share the following video with your learners.

(13 mins) Facilitate a discussion with your learners using the following questions:

  • What motivated Barbara to become an engineer?
  • What characteristics do you think define an engineer?
  • What are of some of your favorite engineering products? (For example, "video games," "drones," etc).
  • How do think engineers built these products?
  • Can you imagine yourself as an engineer?

Project Overview


2 Hours

Learners will discover the world of engineering and the importance of planning and teamwork. They'll apply their creative engineering minds to build a tower using everyday materials. They will also explore how Products with Purpose can create a positive change in the world and brainstorm ideas for a topic that matters to them!


6+ Hours

Learners will build their Product with Purpose prototype using everyday materials. Among other tasks, they will work on the product's components and aesthetics! Afterwards, learners will test their prototype and get peer feedback to improve their product.


1 Hour

Learners will reflect on their sprint experience: the product they created and the engineering process that led them there. Together, you'll submit your Product with Purpose to Meta for a chance to win the Impact Award!