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Sprint #1: Chatbots for Change

Design your own chatbot using artificial intelligence principles!

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How It Works


Using the same technologies as we do at Facebook, your small team of two to five will identify a community issue that you'd like to help address. That will serve as the starting point of your project!


A week-long project "sprint" will walk your team through using computer science skills to build a functional tech product. Our Engineering Webinars will serve as your opportunity to work alongside Facebook engineers to design, develop, test and iterate together.


You'll not only finish your sprint with a working tech product, but also come away with a realistic idea of what an engineer actually does. If you're interested in taking your education further, EFTW will help you learn more about additional resources.

Access The Engineering Experience

EFTW projects are designed to be approachable experiences no matter your background, delivering fast results through impactful sprints. In addition to support from your facilitators, you'll receive support and guidance from the Facebook team. This will include opportunities to hear from Facebook engineers about educational and professional pathways in engineering.