Resources to Guide You

Facilitators lead students through the EFTW experience, helping them uncover technical skills and connect with Facebook Engineers. From teachers and librarians to after-school and non-profit volunteers, facilitators are 18+, come from any background or field and require no technical experience. We provide the resources to guide facilitators through the curriculum.

Facilitators as Product Leaders

Our facilitators are our Product Leaders! We have built a community to ensure all facilitators are supported from preparing for your first session to engaging with Facebook Engineers and running an impactful Sprint.

Together our facilitators learn with their students as they build a working prototype, lead discussion and build community with fellow facilitators in our Facebook Group.

Facilitator Resources

Program Timeline

The EFTW Program Timeline is a roadmap for our three-week sprint cycle, providing details on how each week is broken down and how facilitators can best prepare.

Product Leader Guide

Each project will include a specific EFTW Product Leader Guide so that educators can facilitate activities to support participants work. Check out our project page to find each corresponding guide!

Getting Started Webinar

We host an EFTW Getting Started Webinar to address how facilitators can prepare for their sprint, outlining expectations, opportunities, and outcomes of the program. Sign up for a sprint to gain access to the webinar.

Recruit in Your Community

Ready to Recruit? If you need to find a Facilitator or Students for your site, use our toolkit to help with recruitment!. We have one-pagers, posters, and more!

Program Overview

Share how EFTW works in your community! Inspire more students to join and learn about the skills and resources they will gain with you.

Recruitment Posters

Recruit youth to join EFTW and build a community of student engineers!

Project Support

EFTW is committed to providing support to our fearless facilitators! All facilitators will have access to an exclusive Facebook Group, where the EFTW team will be available to answer questions, lead webinars and share resources for your community.

Office Hours

Our engineers will provide project support for participants to work through any challenges they face during the sprint.

Community Building

We will provide opportunities to network and learn from other facilitators in the community through the EFTW Facebook Group. You will be able to post questions and your journey through the sprint

Tech Connections

EFTW believes in building connections. Helping to demystify the world of tech by introducing students to the diverse faces behind it. Facebook engineers will introduce students to their journey of computer science by facilitating webinars during each project sprint.


Hear what inspired and motivated others to join technology. We all have different stories and experiences that empower us - we’re excited to share and learn with you !

Career Insight

There is no one path to technology! Engineers will share their experiences of how they came to Facebook and highlight the different pathways one can take to achieve their dreams.

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