Inspired By Real Engineering Practice

EFTW gives participants and facilitators the opportunity to put engineering concepts into practice. Together, we'll work with program teams on week-long “sprints,” projects that use tech skills to add social value. We’ll provide the materials, resources and webinars to simulate how Facebook engineers work.

Facilitators: Getting Started

Facilitators are essential for EFTW to have a meaningful impact on teens. Whether you're a computer science educator with a wealth of experience or a volunteer leading an after-school program, EFTW is designed to ensure your success as a program facilitator.

Supporting Facilitator Success

EFTW has partnered with Digital Promise Global, a nonprofit organization focused on supporting innovative teaching, to equip facilitators with the knowledge and tools to lead teams at their after-school program.

Facilitator Resources

EFTW Program Timeline

The EFTW Program Timeline is a roadmap for our three-week sprint cycle, providing details on how each week is broken down and how facilitators can best prepare.

EFTW Product Leader Guide

Each project will include a specific EFTW Product Leader Guide so that educators can facilitate activities to support participants work.  Check out our project page to find each corresponding guide!

EFTW Getting Started Webinar

We host an EFTW Getting Started Webinar to address how facilitators can prepare for their sprint, outlining expectations, opportunities, and outcomes of the program. Sign up for a sprint to gain access to the webinar.

Project Support

EFTW is committed to providing support for both participants and facilitators to ensure they build a project they're proud of. All participants will have access to an exclusive Facebook Group, where the EFTW team will be available to help with instructional materials, webinars and online support.


Need help? Stuck on a lesson? Our Group Q&A Polls are an opportunity for teams to share their questions and up-vote the questions of others to be covered during Engineering Webinars.

Stay Informed

Find the latest updates on sprint timelines, submission deadlines and project examples designed to keep you connected during your EFTW sprint.

Sprint Schedule

Our sprint schedule will keep you on-track once the project has officially begun.

Learning From Engineers

A core value of EFTW is connection: helping to demystify the world of tech by introducing participants to the diverse faces behind it. Facebook engineers will open open the doors to how they work by facilitating several Engineering Webinars during each project sprint.

Project Tips & Inspiration

Our engineers will provide project support for participants to work through any challenges they face during the sprint.

Career Insight

The pathway for pursuing a computer science education shouldn't be a mystery, and Engineering Webinars will highlight additional educational opportunities that participants can take advantage of.